We can proudly say all our items are now stainless steel & tarnish free!

Items purchased before this may have been stainless steel, copper & sterling silver, but we are now committed to selling just stainless steel as it does not tarnish, bend or rust!



All of our items are stainless steel (as of March 2021). Our stainless steel items are our highest quality and are tarnish free, meaning they can get wet and be worn everyday without the colour fading - it is shiny, highly durable and resists corrosion and oxidation & most importantly won't turn your finger green!

Colour options for our jewellery

Gold - 18k gold plated stainless steel *tarnish free*

Silver - Pure stainless steel (no plating) *tarnish free*

Rose Gold - Rose gold plated stainless steel *tarnish free*

Perks of stainless steel

  • Stainless steel is a sustainable material. Its long term life makes it an ideal environmental performer in comparison to other materials. It's made to last.
  • It’s fully recyclable and can be re-used. In fact, it can be recycled many times over without losing its qualities (durability and rust-resistance).
  • It’s not harmful or toxic to the environment.
  • It's resilient to water so it will not rust, nor will the plating on it.
  • It's durability and strength means you don't have to worry about your jewellery getting bent, or squashed.
  • It contains hypoallergenic properties, so is unlikely to cause adverse skin reactions.
  • It doesn't leave green marks on your finger/neck!



      We have created a separate website solely dedicated to sterling silver with 100s of choices! Check out www.lephoria.com! 



      Before March 2021, we have sold cheaper alternatives made of copper, these items were never advertised as tarnish free.

      (If an item you purchased from us has tarnished and you purchased it before March 2021 - it will be because it was copper - not stainless steel). We have since upgraded all base metal from copper to steel - so if you repurchase the same item you know it will be of a different metal/quality and will not tarnish!

      We no longer sell copper, however please follow the guidelines below for any copper items you may have previously purchased.

      These items need to be looked after more carefully to sustain their plating. Please do not wear your copper based jewellery in the shower, while bathing, working out or sleeping as this can strip off the gold or silver plating. 


      Thank you for reading!

      We hope this information has helped provide you with the reassurance you may be looking for - we take pride in our items and stand behind the materials and quality! Any further questions are welcomed at customerservice@bohomoon.com