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Chemical Compliance Policy


At Bohomoon, we ensure that all our products are safe for use.

Our chemical compliance policy is based on REACH requirements. It sets out the standards expected and practised by Bohomoon and of our suppliers when manufacturing our jewellery. We will only work with reputable manufacturers who are committed to working towards compliance with the standards in our chemical compliance policy. We have strict standards in place on harmful and hazardous substances. We uphold our suppliers to REACH & Prop 65 requirements and ensure our products are not over the maximum allowable content.

Under REACH, jewellery articles cannot be sold if they exceed limits for certain chemical substances, such as heavy metals.

Annex XVII n. 23, 27, and 63 of the REACH Regulation sets specific restrictions on the maximum allowable content of cadmium, nickel and lead applicable to articles with metal components:


Applicable threshold for restriction


no greater than 0.01% by weight


Rate of nickel release (migration limit):

  • less than 0.2 μg/cm²/week for jewellery intended to be inserted into pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body
  • no greater than 0.5 μg/cm²/week for jewellery intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin


no greater than 0.05% by weight